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Become an agent or Photo2 Art dealer

Are you looking at supplying canvas prints to your customers?
Do you want to earn extra money from home?
Are you a photographic studio or shop?
Do you have a gallery & frame shop and want to increase cash flow on a daily basis?

Photo2Art and Photo2Canvas offers tailor made solutions that will increase revenue for you and your business.  We provide various in store displays and marketing material to help you sell and market Photo2Art products.

Pre schools, primary and high schools

Every school needs to make more money and we offer an attractive package for schools to earn extra income, offering the students and parents the ability purchase canvas print products.  We would provide a sample canvas when signing up to become a school agent. Download school application  

Retailers, Gallery, Frame shops, Photo Kiosks

Photo2Art is a fantastic opportunity to increase daily cashflow with affordable solution for your customers to enhance their walls and as a framer, a way to sell frames for the customers artworks. We will provide in store displays, Click here to download application form. in MS Word format

Galleries and frame shops may also request to sell images from our stock art range.

Photographers, Interior Decorators, Artists

Do you have your own artwork or photographs? Do you have an idea for some artwork? Are you decorating a home or office and looking for a theme or colour combination, we will offer competitive rates that allows you to markup and resell to your clients. Interior decorators: You have an idea, we will work with you to develop a proposal at no extra cost or obligation for you and your client.  We offer artists the ability to reproduce their artworks as limited edition Giclee prints. Click here to contact us

Independent "Work from Home" agents

Generate extra income from home: Click her to download application form.  In Word format.

Download the application to become an agent or dealer of Photo2Art.

Return your application and we will send you a complete breakdown of prices, marketing material and processes on becoming an agent or dealer with Photo2Art.



As a venue that attracts tourists and visitors to your beautiful location you have an abundance of photographic opportunities and I am sure you have many photographs that will appeal to many of your visitors.
You can increase your revenue by sending us your photos and we will convert them into artworks that will sell to your guests as cherished memories of your venue.  
You can create unlimited prints of your artworks or make them limited numbered prints. As the photographer you sign your own artworks. (All artworks come un-signed)
You can just put your photos onto canvas or use our artists to create Photo2Art prints.
We also can offer a photographic service at no extra cost when ordering ten or more prints.