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LATEST TREND - Thick white border to give a sophisticated feel to your photo

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Choose your Style

When printing your photo on canvas without any artistic effects their are still some choices.  You can make your picture black & white, sepia or colourize your photo to match your decor.  You can make the side of the picture any colour you like or wrap the picture around which is called a gallery wrap.  We will prepare your picture for printing on canvas. We will then email you a preview of how the canvas print will look, so we are sure the canvas print is how you want it. As soon as you approve the preview, we will print your photo on canvas. and carefully frame it by hand ensuring the best possible results on a wooden frame fi you choose the canvas stretching option. Our canvas prints also come supplied flat for you to frame in the traditional manner at a framer.

White border on side Gallery Wrap Sepia

Convert your picture to black & white with a black border on side Black border with picture framed with a border You can also take out the background


Spot Colour - A great contempory effect by keeping an object in colour and the background in black & white.


LATEST TREND - Thick white border to give a sophisticated feel to your photo

 Frames and Stretching of canvas prints
We offer 2 different sizes of frame on which the canvas can be stretched onto:


  • 15mm thick frame is suitable when you wish to have a poster feel or you wish to frame the photo using traditional frames from a framing shop. 
  • 45mm thick (Gallery Wrapped) frame is suitable if you wish your photo to have an artists feel stretched frame that does not require traditional framing. You can also have your image wrap around the frame.
  • un-stretched canvas is when you wish to have your picture mounted into a frame.


When ordering please specify what type of framing you wish to have.




All our   Stock Art prints and our  Artist touch prints come with a Certificate  of Authenticity