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Choose your Style

Photo2Art technique gives a new dimension to your photos. We can make them look like paintings.  We can change your photos to become very graphic (Vector Art). We can change your photo to have a Warhol Pop Art style, or we can make your picture have a modern art feel where we manipulate colours to give a bold modern impression. View some of the samples below.  Send us a photo, let us know which style you like and we will send you back a no obligation sample on email.  As soon as you approve the preview of how your canvas print will look we will then send you print your photo on canvas.

This is our most popular style - Pallete Knife.  This style does not use photoshop filters, we redue the picture using a graphics tablet and a pen.  It is as original as you can get.  Each picture we do has its own feel and nuiances which we enhance. This photo was taken using a mobile phone.  If you have ever tried to print your mobile photos, they tend to be a bit disapointing. We fix this using the Photo2Art technique printing on canvas or art paper.

Palette Knife style - Our most popular prints on canvas


Other styles to choose from: The styles below are standard range using filters. If you know photoshop, you could do them yourself and send us the finished photo.
Pastel Style Impressionist Style

Watercolour Style Sepia and Feathered edging effects

You can have any of the above styles made into a sepia effect.  You can also have your picture without any style and just made into a sepia effect.

The other choice you have is to feather the edges on any of the above styles or just to your photo without any style.


Choose your style and then color code to your personal preference.  

If you are working with an interior decorator, Photo2Art  will consult with them to get the best match to suit your home or office. 

Original Snapshot Vector Art

Vivid Pop Art Pastel Pop Art

Black & White Pop Custom Pop

If you are not happy with the original background, tell us what you would like, in what colour or feel. Unlimited options

If your photo looks a bit washed out, we will colour correct it to give it a richer feel.

If the photo is damaged or has marks on it we will touch up to the best the photo will allow.

 Frames and Stretching of canvas prints
We offer 2 different sizes of frame on which the canvas can be stretched onto:


  • 15mm thick frame is suitable when you wish to have a poster feel or you wish to frame the photo using traditional frames from a framing shop. 
  • 45mm thick (Gallery Wrapped) frame is suitable if you wish your photo to have an artists feel stretched frame that does not require traditional framing. You can also have your image wrap around the frame.
  • un-stretched canvas is when you wish to have your picture mounted into a frame.

When ordering please specify what type of framing you wish to have.

Try our Vector art for that modern feel.
if modern is not your style then try our fine art palette knife style to give a fine art feel to your picture.

LATEST TREND - Thick white border to give a sophisticated feel to your photo


As a venue that attracts tourists and visitors to your beautiful location you have an abundance of photographic opportunities and I am sure you have many photographs that will appeal to many of your visitors.
You can increase your revenue by sending us your photos and we will convert them into artworks that will sell to your guests as cherished memories of your venue.  
You can create unlimited prints of your artworks or make them limited numbered prints. As the photographer you sign your own artworks. (All artworks come un-signed)
You can just put your photos onto canvas or use our artists to create Photo2Art prints.
We also can offer a photographic service at no extra cost when ordering ten or more prints.